Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unwashed Pussy


As you know I have a profile on Kaufmich.com. Here men can peruse through the escorts in different areas of Germany. Then they choose the ones they are interested in and make contact. Here is an example of what not to do....at least if you want to book me.....

If you are really American, please get in touch with me. I would love to book you for some fun. 
Hello there D....nice to meet you. I would love to know more about you and what we can do together!!! Let me know!!

Not sure how much you need to know about me, actually. And as far as what we can do together, I was under the impression that you decided those things.

Well..I do not need to know private things about you as I honor discretion. But it would be nice to know what kind of person you are and what kind of things you are interested in in and outside the bedroom. I like to know these things so I can guarantee your satisfaction and give you what you seek. I also find it important to understand ones intentions...say if you like watersports or scat play for example...we would not meet. So I would like to get an idea of what you, my client, has a desire for!
I look forward.
 Okay fair enough. I like kissing, eating pussy,fingering, smoking cigarettes and kissing at the same time, very dirty talk, women who leave their pussy unwashed for me, who can do deep throat, squirt (especially while fucking me but also in my mouth), fucking since condoms are necessary only if I am rock hard and you really cum that way, getting my cum back from you in a deep kiss or having you smear my face in it after I cum on your pussy outside or on your tits or face. All these things or some of them only and whatever the woman REALLY digs.
And I do not really enjoy a tight pussy unless it is super wet and I hate lube. About me I am creative, kind, funny and not all that bad looking for 52
Thank you for your candidness. I really appreciate your creativity. However, I do not think we would be a good match...I do hope you find the right match for you though...and yes you are a very attractive older gentleman. Have a great day!

 I mean really....after his first response back to me, I could tell he was an arrogant man. Why would I possibly want to know anything about a man, that I am going to trust with my person? Moron....and I was correct once again in making him tell me more about him and his sexual desires......fucking nasty! There is no way I would ever let someone near me when I am not washed, plus to rub an uncovered cock on my pussy and then cum on it and slather your face in it.....I would have to be in a serious, monogamous relationship with you and know for a fact you have no diseases....and I would still question it. And you can tell he is American with his sexual ignorance, thinking that he only needs a condom if he is fully erect and and inserting his cock inside me....WTF!!!

There is a reason why I am clean and do not have diseases or have babies from multiple daddies!!


  1. I like the way you politely answer. It reminds me negotiation course of my MBA. If the guy was in front of you, he would have likely got furious and it may have been dangerous (hazardeous job...). Il vaut mieux être seul que mal accompagné. Ainsi va la vie.

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